About Us

A wholly owned subsidiary of Fondriest Environmental, FishSens Technology designs and manufactures products in a state-of-the-art marine instrumentation and fabrication shop near Dayton, Ohio.

Founder and product development engineer, Trevin Fondriest started with the concept of taking what parent company, Fondriest Environmental, does well and make this technology available to anglers and fisheries researchers worldwide.

Fondriest Environmental supplies environmental measurement sensors and systems to government agencies, universities and environmental consultants. Systems are either buoy-based or shoreside monitoring stations. Measurement parameters include temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll, algae, water currents, flow, wave, tides, wind, solar, rainfall and more.

The development of FishSens SondeCAM HD and SondeCAM WQ has in return provided the parent company and other OEM suppliers with both submersible and above water video camera technology. The SondeCAM is now used in many applications, including sewer, cooling water intake, dam, levy, and bridge inspection, and search and rescue. Additionally, Fondriest-supplied data buoys can now be outfitted with real-time video cameras. Anglers and mariners access live buoy-based video along with weather, wave, and water quality data.

So in effect, SondeCAM technology helps determine if it is safe to go fishing and helps again with the fishing.

FishSens cameras are research-grade, designed to last for years, and rated for both fresh and saltwater applications. Cameras accessories include lighting, self-cleaning wipers, weights, tripods, and bottom platforms.