A New Approach To Drone Fishing In Offshore Areas

Fishing with a drone is probably not a new idea. We have even covered how anglers, and also researchers, have used drones before. But what about offshore fishing guides — is there a way that they can incorporate drone fishing into their businesses?

There’s a new video online that shows just how it can be done, though it is probably a little harder than it looks. In the video, two guys from Australia go out to a beach with a fishing pole and a drone looking to catch some tuna. It appears that the drone carries the baited line and hook out to a spot where a camera on the drone records a swimming group of tuna. The bait is dropped and, not long thereafter, a big tuna gets reeled in.

Sure, people had fished using drones before, but mostly for small fish that latched onto a hook tied directly to the drone. The approach shown in the video actually is a lot more useful for offshore fishing where the fish are going to be much bigger.

Do you want to try this drone fishing approach? Do you think it gives fish a fair chance or does it remove the sport of it? How might this use of drones affect the offshore fishing guide business? Please consider leaving a comment to share your thoughts!

Still frame from a drone fishing video. (Credit: Jaiden Maclean)

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