Angler Catches Another Giant Lake Mille Lacs Muskie

There have been a lot of big muskie caught on Lake Mille Lacs as of late, according to the Mille Lacs Messenger. The most recent one, stretching a monstrous 56 inches, was caught in late November.

Two long-time fishing buddies made the catch during a morning of fishing on iceberg-covered waters. After they made it out to some open areas, they began to cast their favorite big, rubber baits along a large rock structure they had fished before.

Not long thereafter, one of the anglers got a bite on his heavy muskie rod that bent it far enough that it almost broke. There was a decent struggle and then the pair got the fish close enough to pull it in with a net.

The two took a few pictures to memorialize the moment and then released the giant fish back into the lake. As proof of how well they handled the fish, it swam away immediately without needing to be revived in the water.

Brent Lenke caught this 56-inch muskie on Mille Lacs in late November. (Courtesy of Brent Lenke)

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