Black Lake Sturgeon Fishing Season Lasted One Hour

The sturgeon fishing season on Black Lake in Cheboygan County, Michigan, lasted just one hour in 2016, according to During that period, anglers fishing in the event, monitored by the state’s department of natural resources, caught seven of the fish.

Entering the event is unlimited, which provides for greater participation for anglers, resource managers say. And having the DNR there helps to protect against overharvesting the fish.

Six of those sturgeon caught had been previously tagged and documented by the DNR and Michigan State University researchers during spring or summer surveys that took place on the Black River or in Black Lake. Those fish were re-examined before anglers took them off.

The first sturgeon of the season was taken around 8:15 in the morning. A mere 45 minutes later, the seventh had been caught and the season was officially ended.

Sturgeon caught in Black Lake. (Credit: Michigan Department of Natural Resources)


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