FishSens Staff
By: FishSens Staff

SondeCAM HD Underwater Camera Features WiFi, Apps

After FishSens Technology released the SondeCAM Underwater Camera, it wasn’t long before anglers of all stripes started dropping theirs into the water every time they went out on their boats to see exactly what they were fishing for. They love the camera’s durability and the videos they get directly on their fishfinders.

Jeff Elliott
By: Jeff Elliott

Tips To Ice More Panfish This Winter

Chasing panfish on the hardwater is a favorite pastime in the northern states. Chances are if you are a fisherman from up this way, you've pulled at least a few crappies or bluegills through a hole in the ice. I've been a dedicated ice fisherman my whole life, and here are a few tips to put more panfish on the ice.

Brandon Card
By: Brandon Card

Get The Most Out Of Your Electronics While Keeping Things Simple

Modern bass anglers are very fortunate to have so many great technologies available to help them catch more fish. Many anglers may feel overwhelmed trying to learn each and every feature available. To me it comes down to minimizing my adjustments and developing systems to get the most out of them. Here is what I do to get the most out of my electronics while keeping things simple.

FishSens Staff
By: FishSens Staff

Behind-The-Scenes Glimpse Into The Evolution Of The SondeCAM

Although the FishSens SondeCAM was developed as a tool to help anglers detect underwater structures (and hopefully the fish lurking nearby), the growth of the SondeCAM from conceived design to sleek, realized product isn’t unlike that of the anglers it aids, transitioning from newbie to pro. And there were plenty of lessons to learn before the SondeCAM could realize its full potential — much less catch sight of its first fish.