Brandon Card
By: Brandon Card

Key In On Spawning Smallmouth With These Tips

Smallmouth are an aggressive species compared to a largemouth and even more so when they are protecting a spawning bed. Fishing for spawning smallmouth is one of my favorite ways to fish and I have found that finding them is harder than actually catching them. I have also found that where they spawn varies greatly depending on where you live.

FishSens Staff
By: FishSens Staff

Find Dark Bottom Areas For Early Spring Largemouths

Spring, time to get the boats out of hibernation and get to bass fishing here in the North. The bass don’t mind cold water up here and the bite can be phenomenal just after ice out. However, many bass will seek out the warmest water they can get in. Finding that “warm” water can be very important even if it is just a couple degrees. A few sunny days and warmer-than-average temperatures can make shallow, black-bottomed areas the place to be in a hurry.