Brandon Card
By: Brandon Card

Swim Jig vs. Vibrating Jig

I am going to be using a vibrating jig anytime I am fishing around emergent grass and also when fishing docks. The swim jig is my go-to when I am fishing around wood, shallow grass, lily pads and reeds.

Jeff Elliott
By: Jeff Elliott

Braided Line on Everything

Fishing places that are full of grass I feel the choice becomes simple for line choice. One type above all others is the absolute strongest, most abrasion resistant, and the absolute best choice for winching fish out of heavy cover, braided line.

Jeff Elliott
By: Jeff Elliott

The Powerful Ned Rig

The Ned is a super simple presentation, just a jighead and plastic. It's non-threatening size and shape doesn't replicate anything a bass eats specifically but could be a ton of potential prey items.

FishSens Staff
By: FishSens Staff

Targeting Spawning Bass: Are They Going to Bite?

This time of year, anglers all over are fishing for bass they can see in the shallows. Some bass will be easy to catch and some are nearly impossible, like those that are in the act of spawning instead of just guarding their beds. There are a few things that I do to determine if the fish is going to bite and if they are worth spending time fishing for.