FishSens Staff
By: FishSens Staff

Wisconsin muskie spawning habitat study could help address decline

Back in the spring seasons of 2007 and 2008, coordinated crews of muskie enthusiasts took to 28 northern Wisconsin lakes in the cover of darkness, gliding over the black waters to shine spotlights on big muskies lurking in the shallows. Though it was outside of muskie season, the work was all above board: These volunteers from the Muskie Clubs Alliance of Wisconsin were working with state and university biologists to address the decline of the region's premier sportfish.

Jeff Elliott
By: Jeff Elliott

Square bill crankbait: versatility in a small package

Put a square bill crankbait into just about any situation and it seems to find a way to put bass in the boat. They are the jack of all trades of the crankbait world. Few baits are as effective in a broader range of water clarity, temperature and cover types. It’s one of those lures that can be effective the first day on the lake every spring until the boat gets put away in the fall.