Confidence Booster – Laminate Colors

The amount of color options in soft plastics is absolutely staggering. Colors and names vary greatly by each soft plastics manufacturer. Some have been staples since the beginning of soft plastics while new favorites are still being developed with different flakes and shades. One thing is for sure they’ll all catch fish at some point.

Within this mess of colors, laminates are the one that stands out to me. Laminates are actually 2 different colors, the top half is one color while the bottom is another. I think this does a great job of mimicking most of the prey items out there in nature. Just about anything a bass could possibly eat has a different color on its topside vs its bottom side. Most times in nature the bottom side is always lighter. I’m guessing it probably makes their silhouette less obvious to a bass that is looking up at them. Matching a bait to this same sort of color scheme is definitely going to add some natural appeal.

I still utilize many colors just made up of a solid color with various flakes in them and they catch a bunch of fish. But I definitely feel at times I’ve got an edge with a laminate on the end of my line. Some of my favorites are sprayed grass, black/blue flake top with a green pumpkin bottom, and smallmouth magic. Give them a shot the next time you hit the lake.

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About FishSens

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