Conjoined Nile Tilapia Caught In China

A fisherman in China was surprised earlier in May when he pulled a pair of conjoined nile tilapia from his pond, according to the Daily Mail. The fish are certainly not pretty to look at, and really only one of them is reasonably functional as a fish.

Some might argue that the second fish is more of a growth, but the conjoined beings are still quite a rare find. For video of the odd fish, including its damaged style of swimming, see the Daily Mail’s post.

The tilapia fish is clearly not healthy and is expected to die in a relatively short time. It is unclear what factors could have caused the fish’s deformity.

Nile tilapia aren’t native to the region of China, but have been introduced there as of late to help with controlling the spread of algae in freshwater irrigation systems.

This nile tilapia is a rare example of conjoined fish. (Credit: CEN)

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