Fishing with drones

An angler who likes playing with remote-controlled helicopters in his spare time has taken the hobby to another level, and rigged up a quadcopter to help him fish, according to A video he posted online shows his technique, and gives a bird’s-eye view of the action.

“Since getting so involved in quadcopters, it’s just been gnawing at my brain to try and fish with one like I do with my helicopters,” said Dave Herbert, YouTube user NightFlyyer, in the video. “You know I like things with a risk and a challenge and I don’t like autonomous things. They’re boring.”

Fishing, he goes on to say, is sort of boring, but not doing it with a quadcopter. After a little field testing to make sure the rig he built could safely land on the water, he ties a fishing line and bobber to the craft and tries to catch some fish.


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About FishSens

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