FishSens SondeCAM Underwater Cameras Connect Directly To Onboard Fishfinders

If you’re fishing for a certain type of fish, it helps to have a quality underwater camera that you can drop in the water to find exactly what you’re targeting. Unfortunately, a lot of the cameras out there don’t directly connect to fishfinders, which can complicate things and take time away from enjoying the water.

But luckily there are some alternatives to consider, including all of the underwater cameras developed by FishSens Technology that connect seamlessly to fishfinders and other onboard devices.

“They plug right into your fishfinder, which makes things really simple. Powered off your boat, great way to see exactly what is down there,” said Jeff Elliott, a pro staffer with the company, in a video taken at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic. “You can see your sonar at the same time. You see something interesting, drop it down, see what kind of structure there is, what type of fish there are. No more wasted time fishing for drum when you want to catch bass, things like that.”

From there, he talks about all the cameras in the SondeCAM line, including the SondeCAM mini, SondeCAM and SondeCAM WQ. The mini is a great little dropcam, he says, and can be mounted to trolling motors or used in down-facing deployments. He then moves on to the FishSens SondeCAM, one of the company’s best sellers.

“Wide-angle lens as you can see on the fishfinder here. Great resolution and it’s going to have a lot of different accessories that are going to come out for it too,” said Elliott in the video. “Like a pole you can stick it up under docks. Mount a ram ball on here and you can actually take cool video with it above water too.”

But he points out that the SondeCAM WQ integrates all of the best parts of the SondeCAM plus a few bells and whistles that more scientific, tactically minded fishermen will find useful.

“This one will actually tell you water quality. So temperature, depth, dissolved oxygen, pH with additional probes,” said Elliott of the SondeCAM WQ, in the video. “Great way for finding the thermocline or finding areas where there’s no oxygen — obviously there’s going to be no fish. You can also see it has an optional flashlight on the bottom here for dark environments.”

For more on the FishSens SondeCAM line of underwater cameras, including accessories like a digital video recorder that saves all the action for later viewing, check out the full video or visit


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About FishSens

About FishSens

A wholly owned subsidiary of Fondriest Environmental, FishSens Technology designs and manufactures products in a state-of-the-art marine instrumentation and fabrication shop near Dayton, Ohio