Satellite Imagery Finds Clean Lake Trout Spawning Sites In Lake Huron

Researchers at the Michigan Tech Research Institute are using satellite imagery to assess the health of lake trout spawning sites in Lake Huron, according the the Capital News Service. So far, they have found that the spawning sites are a little cleaner than other areas near the shore that have more algae floating around.

It’s not yet clear what is making the spawning sites cleaner, but researchers have a few guesses. For one, it may be that spawning activity dislodges a lot of algae by itself. Or lake trout may simply be laying their eggs in areas that have more wave action and stronger currents so that the eggs aren’t buried by sediment and debris.

Whatever the cause, the find in itself is proof that the remote sensing approach for assessing lake trout activities in the lake is working. As their efforts move forward, the researchers say that the use of satellite imagery could make it easier to inform the construction of artificial reefs to aid the spawning activities of lake trout in the future.

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