Smelt Parade Honors Fish In Duluth, Minnesota

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, the good people of Duluth, Minnesota decide to throw a smelt parade. The celebration was held on May 15 and featured so much more than just fried fish.

The Duluth News Tribune was on the scene, capturing some of the goings on. In addition to the fish fry, there were dogs with tinfoil hats, silver streamers and smelt-themed characters. These included a green-headed King Neptune, stilt walkers, lumberjack and a smelt Prince (like the musician).

The “Run, Smelt, Run!” parade is entering its fifth year and is put on by the Magic Smelt Puppet Troupe. Its timing is pretty spot on, coinciding with the annual spring run of smelt that occurs in streams throughout the region during this time of year.

Smelt parade celebration in Duluth Minnesota. (Credit: Duluth News Tribune)

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