SondeCAM HD Underwater Camera Features WiFi, Apps

After FishSens Technology released the SondeCAM Underwater Camera, it wasn’t long before anglers of all stripes started dropping theirs into the water every time they went out on their boats to see exactly what they were fishing for. They love the camera’s durability and the videos they get directly on their fishfinders.

Following up on that popularity, the company has released the all-new SondeCAM HD Underwater Camera, which features the latest in image-sensing technology for clear-color, high-definition visuals in any light condition. The SondeCAM HD adds a host of new features for a better user experience while retaining the rugged durability that customers expect.

This comes through the camera’s marine-grade anodized aluminum body that has been streamlined with hydrodynamics in mind. It can operate in marine or freshwater environments, with cables available up to 75 feet, and doesn’t flinch when it hits concrete piers or rocky bottoms. In addition, its power and signal cable has a high-flex design with an abrasion resistant polyurethane jacket.

“It’s a tough camera, and that is something that people seem to love about it. The housing helps with that, but the front bumper that protects the recessed camera lens is important too,” said Trevin Fondriest, general manager at FishSens Technology.

The design also seems to blend in well with swimming fish around, Fondriest says, and he’s actually seen a few swim toward the camera. That’s something other underwater cameras on the market can’t always guarantee.

The camera can be used by fishermen of all levels, as well as fisheries managers and researchers looking to profile submerged structures or identify fish species or habitat.

It connects to popular fishfinders, but the SondeCAM HD also comes with an integrated WiFi module that makes it easy to stream videos directly on mobile devices using the free SondeCAM App. From there, users can view, record and share videos from anywhere. The SondeCAM App is now available on the Apple App Store. A version for Android is coming soon.

“A lot of our customers have smartphones and want the ability to share videos they take with friends,” said Fondriest. “The SondeCAM HD and app come together to make that easy. So even if you don’t have a fishfinder, you can still take great video and scope out the best spots to cast to.”

The camera works well in a range of aquatic conditions and is powered directly from a boat’s 12VDC power source using an included cable. SondeCAM HD is compatible with many popular smartphones, tablets, fishfinders and chartplotters. Compatible fishfinders / chartplotters include Lowrance, Raymarine, and Garmin models with video input via RCA or BNC connectors.

The SondeCAM HD Underwater Camera is made in the U.S.A. and available on the FishSens website for $499.

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About FishSens

About FishSens

A wholly owned subsidiary of Fondriest Environmental, FishSens Technology designs and manufactures products in a state-of-the-art marine instrumentation and fabrication shop near Dayton, Ohio