Underwater video: Ice fisherman waits out the little guys until big bluegill face-plants bait

Using an underwater camera while ice fishing can help you select for size, says FishSens pro staffer Jeff Elliott in a recent article on the magazine. Having some eyes under the ice will show you when to avoid or just wait out the little guys until something with a little more meat comes along.

This video from fellow FishSens Pro Travis Hartman’s SondeCAM captured on Lake Erie is a great example of that. Watch as the jig stays still while some small bluegill check it out — except for one scene in the middle of the video where he almost bullies the tiniest fish of all into backing off — until a bigger fish comes barreling into the bait face-first. After imparting some subtle movement to the bait, the bigger bluegill is on ice.


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About FishSens

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