Walleye Fishing In Lake Erie Looking Good This Spring

Walleye fishing in Lake Erie is looking good this spring, according to fisheries biologists. That’s in part because there aren’t toxic algae conditions to deal with, but also because there are some impressive walleyes left from stocking efforts in years past.

In particular, walleyes stocked in 2003 still made up more than 20 percent of those caught in the year 2015. With some from that year still swimming around Erie, there are very likely walleyes stretching up to 30 inches long and weighing more than 8 pounds to be caught.

But there are still some good catches to be had from more recent hatches. Walleyes in 2014 should now be over the 15-inch minimum length, while those from 2015 should be around the 10- to 14-inch range but may be near 15 inches in the fall.

If you’re looking for a good spot to cast, take a look at reefs and in surrounding rivers where walleyes go to spawn. Over rocky areas, in about 10 feet of water, are good areas to start looking.

Holding up a Lake Erie walleye. (Credit: Travis Hartman)

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