California Fish and Wildlife works to rescue salmon in Yolo Bypass

By on December 22, 2014

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is catching salmon in the Yolo Bypass, one of two flood bypasses in the Sacramento Valley, according to Capital Public Radio. The work is meant to relocate the fall-run salmon into rivers more suitable to their needs.

“We’ve tagged and released almost 500 fish,” said Colin Purdy, scientist with the California DFW, to Capital Public Radio. “We think there’s more in there that we haven’t been able to get to but we’re working as fast as we can to rescue the fish and move them back up to the Sacramento (River) so they can continue on upstream.”

Since long-term planning to make improvements to the area’s water system are likely to take decades, state officials have to perform such tag-and-release operations in the interim. A fairly simple fix, they say, could allow for permanently redirecting water and fish back to the Sacramento River.

Top image: California Fish and Wildlife works to rescue salmon in Yolo Bypass. (Credit: Amy Quinton / Capital Public Radio)

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