Articles By Samantha Baxter

The medaka culture facility at the USGS’ Columbia Environmental Research Center.
Two big barrel sponges (Xestospongia muta) perched on a slope near a dropoff in the Cayman Islands twilight zone
Zebrafish (Danio rerio) Adult zebrafish of AB strain. (Top) female and (bottom) male.
Sixgill Hagfish
Eastern Brook Trout.
Coho salmon smolts
Fish swimming in the Georgia aquarium
Looking towards the city of Sacramento, the Yolo Bypass is pictured.
Empire Bluffs Trail view of Sleeping Bear Dunes
Cheoah Dam
Fish farm in Saronic Gulf
Rio Grande Bend near Boquillas Canyon (Big Bend National Park, TX)
Cisco being prepared for surgical implantation of an acoustic transmitter at the USGS Ann Arbor aquatic research laboratory.
Bridge over Crooked River Gorge
A BOFFFF shortraker rockfish
Salvelinus alpinus (Arctic Char); a species of ray-finned fishes
a female cichlid