Articles By Samantha Baxter

Great White Shark
Fish biologists from the USFWS Alpena FWCO, USGS Great Lakes Science Center, and University of Windsor, holding a lake sturgeon captured in the Detroit River.
Long-term salmon run data from weirs like this one helped show alarming shifts in migration timing.
Striped bass swimming in the hatchery with tags carrying contact information.
Various boats fight fires caused by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico
Lahontan cutthroat trout with floy tag.
Round Goby
A post-op tagged smallmouth
NASA image acquired August 28, 2010 of the Great Lakes.
A thousand-strong school of redfish in the shadow of a spotter plane
Study co-author Dan Weller holding a Severn spawning muskie that was implanted with a radio-transmitter
New gravel beach near downtown Windsor west of the Weeks fountain. It follows the Canadian shoreline, including parts of Peche Island.
Michigan Department of Natural Resources stocking adult brook trout into an inland lake in Luce County.
tiger muskies
Advanced 4-inch Guadalupe Bass fingerlings ready to be stocked.
Stocking Coasters at Legendary Waters Casino (Red Cliff) spring 2021. Hatchery staff stocked most of the fish from the boat, but there’s usually a few left that get stocked at the boat ramp.
Juvenile eels, or elvers, in a ramp for passage study at Conowingo Dam.
Lake Erie contains enough blue green algae to sustain a population of invasive carp.
Flow at the Illinois River Watershed