Articles By Samantha Baxter

Well camouflaged sand goby
Rays (fish) swimming together
Jumping Smallmouth Bass
a threespine stickleback
A school of fish
a small juvenile crappie someone's hands
two volunteers fishing for trout
photo taken from a raft floating down the Russian River in California
photographed are a cluster of herrings (fish) which are a type of forage fish
fishery manager conducting an angler survey
Shawn Bagley, conservation officer, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, removes quagga mussels (an invasive species) from a boat during a Watercraft Inspection Training course at Lake Mead Nov. 14, 2012
Agencies and volunteers partnered to build and install 20 crib structures for fish habitat in Pennsylvania's Woodcock Creek Lake
Fishackathon Toronto 2016
A typical purchase of Emerald Shiners being analyzed in the lab
Chinook salmon push their way upstream to spawn
A small stream located in East Kentucky runs orange as a result of mountaintop removal mining
Chapin Beach
Pair of earbones or 'otoliths' from a black rockfish (Sebastes melanops)
Ketchikan Salmon Spawning