Articles By Samantha Baxter

Stocking Coasters at Legendary Waters Casino (Red Cliff) spring 2021. Hatchery staff stocked most of the fish from the boat, but there’s usually a few left that get stocked at the boat ramp.
Juvenile eels, or elvers, in a ramp for passage study at Conowingo Dam.
Lake Erie contains enough blue green algae to sustain a population of invasive carp.
Flow at the Illinois River Watershed
31lb common carp, Bletiere, France.
Midnight and rainbow parrotfishes swim alongside a Caribbean coral reef.
Fish cubes are being added to to Kansas lakes and reservoirs to keep fish populations strong.
Rainbow trout swimming through the mountain stream.
An example of an "accelerated recruitment" project
two fish swimming toward each other
Rainbow Trout.
two trout surveyors standing in front of a Pennsylvania stream
Jennifer Rehage releases a snook after it recovered from transmitter surgery.
Zebrafish are used in research at Oregon State University.
Paint Bank State Raceway Fish Hatchery
Dead fish float on the shoreline of Mona Lake along Wellesley Drive just east of Ross Park in Norton Shores Wednesday. Date shot: 4/2/08.
Flambeau Lake (Lac du Flambeau), Vilas County from Wisconsin Highway 47
Chinook Salmon.
Northern snakehead.