Successful aquaculture and fisheries management starts with high quality water, close monitoring and regular inspection.

FishSens is a leading supplier of measurement and surveillance systems. The company offers the latest technologies, including optical sensors, micro-processor controlled meters and transmitters, cellular and WiFi communications, high definition cameras, and cloud computing. Monitoring water quality, inspecting offshore cages, and keeping an eye on hatcheries and feeders are easily accomplished with these systems.

The goal at FishSens is to simplify the setup and operation of aquaculture and fisheries measurement and surveillance systems and to make this data and information immediately available.

Alert Notification

FishSens Alert monitors water quality and provides early warning notification of potential issues.

A network of submersible sensors, connected to topside nodes, measure various water quality parameters and transmits this data to a cellular hub, which stores and forwards it to a cloud-based datacenter. Data tables, trend plots and statistics are available via any internet enabled device. Alert notifications are sent directly to mobile phones facilitating a timely response.


Water Quality Measurement

FishSens Water Quality Meter provides a rugged and field worthy platform for displaying and logging water quality measurements. The unit offers an easy one-button calibration, and only one meter is needed to connect to any FishSens 9800 series sensor, making it a versatile unit for aquaculture and fisheries water sampling applications.

For dissolved oxygen, the FishSens 9801 optical sensor is a reliable alternative to traditional membrane-based systems. A replaceable sensor cap is easy to install and typically lasts well beyond 12 months.


Underwater Inspection

FishSens SondeCAM HD is a powerful underwater camera ideal for aquaculture and fishery applications. Underwater video is viewed in real time, recorded and shared directly on smartphones or tablets.

The camera body is machined from a solid aluminum billet and coated with marine grade anodize ensuring reliable long-term use in fresh or saltwater. It features a low-lux image sensor for clear color, high definition visuals in various light conditions. An integrated WiFi module supports video streaming to the SondeCAM App or the unit can be directly connected to a video monitor or recorder.