Quality Water - Healthy Fishery

Productive aquaculture and fisheries management starts with quality water. Close monitoring and regular inspection are important to sustain the long-term health of fisheries.

Built on the latest sensor, wireless IoT and cloud technology, FishSens’ real-time measurement and surveillance systems record imagery and monitor the most relevant water quality parameters. These systems install in minutes, and data is available online.

Supporting research and production in natural habitats, cage culture, and recirculating aquaculture systems, FishSens works to ensure quality water and healthy fisheries.

Water Quality Monitoring

DO-Buoy is a small, lightweight, and easy-to-deploy monitoring system. The onboard dissolved oxygen and temperature sensor is based on optical technology for long-term, accurate readings. A 1-watt solar panel charges the internal battery, and integral Bluetooth technology supports onsite access for calibration. Data is transmitted through LoRaWAN and stored on the cloud, providing access from any computer or smart device.

DO Buoys

Underwater Inspection

FishSens SondeCAM HD is a powerful underwater camera ideal for aquaculture and fishery applications. Habitat assessment, net and gage inspection and fish observation are quickly performed with SondeCAM. The unit is constructed from marine-grade materials and designed to provide years of service in the harshest environments. Video is viewed in real-time, recorded, and shared directly on smartphones or tablets.

SondeCam Video Thumbnail