New Fish Species Named After Zorro

By on March 19, 2016

Researchers from the Universidade Federal do Para in Brazil have identified a new fish species, according to a release. They have named the species, which set unidentified since 2007, after the fictional character Don Diego de la Vega, otherwise known as Zorro.

The new fish, called Myloplus zorroi, is commonly known among Brazilians as “pacu” and is a relative to piranha fish. Its teeth, however, are more routinely used to eat seeds, not meat. The fish was first collected by fishermen in the Rio Madeira basin.

The new fish species is quite large, growing up to 18 inches long. It dwells in moderately to rapidly flowing clear rivers, running over rocky or sandy bottoms, and ranging from about 2 to 8 meters in depth. Its color is a reddish silver with darker markings running along the upper side of its body. Its head is dark and its belly is a pale yellow.

Male Myloplus zorroi, the new species from Rio Madeira Basin, Brazil. (Credit: Douglas Bastos)

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