How a pro walleye angler adjusts when his spot gets popular

By on June 30, 2014

After word of a walleye fishing hotspot spread far and wide, Bob Jensen, a professional angler, had to adjust his approach to catch some of the prized game fish, according to The Ames Tribune. He says his techniques may help other fishermen in similar situations.

The spots where Bensen had made good catches were overrun by others, so he moved to the edge of where walleye were once biting and turned on his depth finder. When he came across schools of walleye, he would fish them, but found that they had become more selective in what they pursued. Live bait rigs tipped with leeches or night crawlers did well, as did spinner rigs. The walleye had become drawn to blue-colored baits more, besting all others that Bensen tried.

He also noticed that each school of fish was good for a few bites, but then he would have to move on to other areas. He tried out a variety of bottom bouncers ahead of live bait. Slick bottom bouncers and those made to slip between rocks kept his lines from getting snagged.

Toothy walleye (Credit: Close-up of the sharp teeth of a walleye held by a staff member of the Grand Junction Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office (Credit: USFWS via Flickr Public Domain)


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